Jake & Jennifer Tornga

serving overseas with There is Hope

"The organization we work for in Malawi is called There Is Hope. The name is the perfect description of the spirit of our work. We seek to bring hope and transformation to the 18,000 refugees living in Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, and also to the extremely impoverished villages of local Malawians surrounding the refugee camp.

Today, There is Hope has five specific areas of ministry to these two communities.  We have a scholarship program for refugees to attend University in Malawi; an income-generating program designed to help widowed and abandoned women start a business; a Refugee Arts program designed to support talented artists and music and dance groups; an outreach program to refugees in Maula prison, and a Church Development program designed to equip and train church leaders to meet the needs of their congregation and community in a holistic way.   We also work in Dowa district with government and other stakeholders to support Early Childhood Development, Youth Empowerment, and Women Empowerment for the Malawian communities.

Our work is driven by the communities themselves, as we do not implement ideas of our own, only formally written requests for assistance.  We require a clear vision for self-sustainability and financial accountability in all projects that we support.  Furthermore, on any project or initiative that we support in the Dowa or refugee community, we do not do the work ourselves; we require involvement and participation by the refugee community.  Instead of doing the work ourselves (for many reasons), we train local church and community leaders to implement projects and educational programs themselves as they are the ones who understand refugee life and are a part of the community."